Tuesday, September 2, 2008

are you into outdoors?

I am looking for a sexy, physically active and probably somewhat nerdy girl. I am a self-proclaimed science-nerd, I love anything science related. I am passionate about all of my interests and I am looking for someone who has passion, in anything really, but I like individuals full of life, because I certainly am. I value physical activity, especially running and biking and I LOVE love love the outdoors. I'd live outside, if I could. To be upfront, I am a strong atheist, and do not tolerate religious belief or any belief in the supernatural or paranormal or pseudoscience, at all. I value clear and rational thinking. I want someone who enjoys sites like herfirstdp I love the small things, they make me happy and they often make my days. Birds singing. Long walks. Holding hands. Cooking dinners and early breakfasts. Smiles and a good sense of humour.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hey there....

I am looking for someone that I can laugh with, share life with and enjoy special times with. I love to dress up and go out 'on the town' and I also love to relax and cuddle by the fire. I would need you to be a confident, but gracious person -- able to share on an emotional level and willing to be open and honest. I would love to walk hand in hand; sharing our days and 'resting' in our connection to one another.